TPX operates our www.tpxonline.com printing industry site which uses classified ads, auctions, on-line shopping and directories to match buyers and sellers of graphic arts equipment (new and used), paper, supplies, services and jobs (we do not buy or sell anything).

We also offer a free service that lets US companies request or annually renew subscriptions to free printing publications.


Some of the items and services listed in our marketplaces and directories are being listed by TPX subscribers. These listings get extra exposure and anyone can get full access to them.

Other items and services are listed for free for the benefit of and accessible by TPX subscribers who get full access to everything on the site.

Anyone can register for free and get full access to the paids ads and listings for ever. For the first 7 days users get full access to everything. If users later want to get full access to the free listings they can pay for 7 days full access or become a TPX subscriber.


Our marketplaces include classified ad marketplaces where sellers pay for the ads, and on-line shopping marketplaces where sellers pay a commission on the sales generated from our site.

  1. TPX MARKETPLACE - This is the world's oldest and largest on-line marketplace for used printing equipment. Sellers can also advertise paper or supplies they want to sell or events such as auctions and businesses for-sale.

  2. TPX JOBS MARKETPLACE - This marketplace lets employers advertise job openings. Job seekers can also post their resumes and indicate the types of jobs they seek.

  3. TPX PAPER MARKETPLACE - This marketplace lets mills, merchants and printers list excess and odd-lot paper for-sale. Buyers can buy the paper at the listed price or place bids (if the seller is willing to entertain non-binding bids)

  4. TPX AUCTIONS - Sellers who are advertising equipment, paper or supplies in the TPX Marketplace can get more exposure by starting 14 day actions for any or all of the advertised items.

  5. TPX SHOPPING SYSTEM - Manufacturers, dealers and other vendors can list new equipment, parts, supplies, books and software for sale (often at discounted prices). Buyers who find items they need at prices they like can place orders. Order emails go to the buyer and seller who contacts the buyer to coordinate payment and delivery.


Our directories include the following directories in which TPX subscribers' listings sort to the top and can be accessed by anyone (other free listings can only be accessed by TPX subscribers):

  1. TPX SOURCEBOOK - This directory lists companies that make, sell or service graphic arts equipment, paper or supplies, or that provide other services.

  2. TPX BUYERS GUIDE - This directory lets printers, printing brokers and print buyers find companies to whom they can out-source pre-press, printing, converting and other post-press jobs.

To learn more about TPX and our site, please check out the links on this page or contact us.

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