TPX was founded in 1991 to help printers more easily buy and sell used graphic arts equipment. This led to the creation of the TPX Marketplace where more printers advertise their used equipment than in all trade publications combined!

In 1995, the TPX Marketplace went on-line for the first time.

In addition, TPX has developed many off-line delivery techniques. Buyers and sellers can call TPX and request reports listing available equipment via fax or mail, or even information on disk. TPX Marketplace reports listing some of the equipment being advertised in our marketplace are also distributed monthly to members of most North American graphic arts associations.

Starting in 1996, TPX began expanding its services by publishing the TPX Sourcebook, the most complete directory of North American companies that manufacturer, sell (new or used) or service any type of graphic arts equipment or supplies.

In 1997, TPX began publishing the TPX Trade Buyer's Guide which printers and printing brokers use to outsource printing and other trade services - or buy products for resale (i.e., ad specialties).

TPX started its REG CENTRAL service in 1998 to let printers and other graphic arts managers request and renew all of the free trade publications they want to receive.

By February 1999, TPX had totally rebuilt its Web site to improve its used equipment search engine and add on-line access to the TPX Sourcebook, Tech Specs, Buyer's Guide and everything else on this Web site. We hope you find it helpful.

During 2001 TPX created our TPX Shopping System which lets buyers shop for and order new equipment, parts, supplies, books and anything graphic arts companies need. Suppliers can use our Shopping System to power e-commerce on their sites and/or list their products so visitors to TPX's and other sites can shop for the suppliers' products.

During 2002 TPX created our TPX Jobs Marketplace which lets employers place help-wanted ads. It lets job seekers search those ads and contact the employers, and submit their resumes in the form of job-wanted and job-held ads.

By October 2003, TPX further enhanced this site to allow open and sealed bid auctions and the on-line entry of classified ads, directory listings and Shopping System product listings.

To learn more about any of TPX's services and products, please review TPX'S Products, or contact TPX by e-mail or phone at 1-888-746-4186 or +1-404-321-3762.
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