This new marketplace will focus on excess and odd-lot paper and envelopes that merchants, brokers or printers can list for sale.


Sellers will be able to offer their paper in any combination of the following three manners:

  1. Buy Now which lets buyers buy the item at a defined price.

  2. Make Offer which lets buyers make an offer that the seller can accept or ignore.

  3. Open Bid Auction where sellers define a minimum bid price and a 3, 7 or 14 day expiration period. Buyers can place bids above the minimum or high bid. When the auction ends, the high bidders become purchasers (orders are confirmed by email).

  4. Sealed Bid Auction where buyers can place bids for any amount about which only the seller learns. The seller can ignore or accept the sealed bids.


The TPX Paper Marketplace will help buyers find the great paper deals they seek as follows:

  1. Free Access - Any buyer can search our paper marketplace for free, and place orders, offers and bids on any of the paper being listed for sale.

  2. Reverse Auctions - Buyers can also list the types of paper they regularly want to buy so that sellers can submit sealed bids which the buyer may accept or ignore.


The TPX Paper Marketplace can be used by buyers for free, and charges sellers one or both of the following:

  1. Listing Fees - Sellers who are not subscribers pay a $10 listing fee for each paper listing when they add the listing or start an auction, and each 30 days thereafter until the seller removes the listing or the paper is all sold.

  2. Commissions - A two percent (2%) commission is paid by the seller only when paper is sold through our paper marketplace (the commission rate is reduced to 1% on truckload sales).

You may use our Product Add form to place your paper or envelope ads now, search the TPX Paper Marketplace right now.  To learn more about any of TPX's services and products, please review TPX'S Products, or contact TPX by e-mail or phone at 1-888-746-4186 or +1-404-321-3762.
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