Non-subscribers can pay $50 to advertise one piece of used equipment until it sells, or pay $50/month for one "help wanted" jobs ad, or pay $50 for 7 days of full on-line access to our used equipment and directory databases.

Search & personnel placement firms can get more for their money with the ....


Search or personnel placement firms may select this subscription level which includes the following services:

FULL ON-LINE ACCESS to the TPX Marketplace (Used Eq & Jobs), TPX Sourcebook and TPX Buyer's Guide databases.

FREE JOBS ADS - Normally $50/ad/month, subscribers may place up to 100 "help wanted" or "job wanted" ads at any time for free.

ENHANCED SOURCEBOOK LISTINGS that sort to the top, are accessible by any prospective customer (not just by TPX subscribers) and link to your Web site.

BUYERS LEADS will be e-mailed to you from users expressing interest in your services.

TPX SUBSCRIBER SYSTEM - This Windows software lets TPX subscribers maintain some or all of TPX's used and new equipment, TPX Sourcebook, and mailing list data on their computer for easier and more powerful use. The data is updated weekly or monthly via email. Subscribers can also use the system to maintain their TPX equipment or jobs ads, and email updates to TPX.

ENHANCE YOUR WEB SITE using TPX's generic jobs search engine and "Our Openings & Available Personnel". Visit TPX Subscriber Services Demo to see how they work.

ENHANCE YOUR WEB SITE for free by adding any or all of TPX's search engines as though they are part of your site.

HALF PRICE MAILING LISTS - Subscribers can purchase part or all of the TPX Mailing Lists and get monthly updates for half the normal price.


Only TPX subscribers may select any of the following promotional services:

TPX MAIL LIST SERVICES - Subscribers can use the TPX Subscriber System to load onto their computers any or all of TPX's mailing list of printers and trade shops with monthly updates for only $500/month (12 month minimum). Anyone can purchase any part of our list for $250/1,000 companies.

To learn more about any of TPX's services and products, please review TPX'S Products, or contact TPX by e-mail or phone at 1-888-746-4186 or +1-404-321-3762.


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